This page is to showcase our Java's as they learn to live and enjoy life in our household. On December 16th they arrived at our home. We had a little fiasco setting them up but now they are happy and eating and kissing back at us. Sterling and Isabella are a dream of mine that I have fulfilled. Monkey's that are breeders can be feisty at times and should never be owned without first doing your homework and being sure that you are ready for the incredible smarts and cleverness that they are born with.  They are sneaky and have to be sharp to survive in the wild and they bring those traits with them into your life.  In other words you need to be always aware they are there, never take them for granted and be ready for anything they pass out to you. For me all of that is called Monkey love. 

Sterling is a handsome lad that thinks he is big and bad until he gets to know you. He really is a big baby and kisses to you for a treat.

Isabella is a very small little girl and is very sweet. Her thing is to move away from you if she is not happy what you are doing. A bit of a shy girl, we hope she is bred and we will have our own little baby sometime this year.

We finished the indoor/outdoor pen for the Java's and moved them into their own habitat. In the spring we will expand the outdoor part of it to 16ft long and 8ft wide, right now it is 8ft X 8ft.
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