Green Monkey from the Vervet Family

Jaxon is our special little boy. All my life I have wanted a Monkey but knew that I could not have one while I had children at home. Once the boys left I was very busy with the Poodles and did not feel that I could devote the time that a Monkey requires. Seven years ago we got Bradley our Lemur and he is time consuming so knew that I would not have time for a Monkey. Late last year we were close to finishing the house and I knew that I was going to have some extra time on my hands and now was the time to get a Monkey. I wanted to get a Java Macaque female from an excellent (Omar) breeder in  the Brownsville, Texas. As it turned out my little guy came from Omar but was in the care of another when I purchased him although he is not a Java, he is a Green Monkey from the Vervet family. He so looks like a little boy and sometimes I find myself just sitting staring at him.  I will put pictures up as he grows. He was born on September 3rd,  2016.

This is by far the most wonderful picture I have of Hollie and Jaxon.

Jaxon with his Mum and Dad right after he was born.

These are pictures of my boy as he is growing and his big play house in the middle of our living room.  His face and ears are slowing going black. His coat is getting a deeper colour olive green. Jaxon has three houses. He has a sleeping house where he goes only at sleep time. He has a tempurpedic mattress and some toys for his comfort. Then he has his eating house. He only goes in there to eat and drink. I did teach him to drink out of a straw so I can give him a drink in his big house. Jaxon is a busy little boy all of the time. He has lots of toys to play with and learned to turn on and make them work. Most of them are the very hard toys for young children that he can learn to turn things and put things together.  He has a tempurpedic mattress in his big house also as he hits the swing and his hammock very hard. He jumps to the floor and lands very hard so I would not let him in his big house until we had protection for him on the floor. He jumped so hard one day and hit the swing on the way down and gave himself a black eye.  He learned to not hit things when he leaps and jumps around his big house. Having a Monkey requires you to be available at all times to him and to entertain him with motivating toys or being with you. He does eat off a spoon and is still on a bottle twice a day. We love bottle time because there is a lot of cuddling and closeness and much love. Jaxon looks to me for security much like a child would. He eats most of the foods we eat and likes the Capri-Sun drinks. One thing that Monkeys cannot tolerate is juice and you know pretty fast if you give them some. He sits on my lap for me to feed him his dinner and did not hesitate in learning how to take his bib off the minute he has enough food and fling it across the room. I so enjoy him and am looking forward to training him to learn everything he can.

My beautiful boy is getting bigger by the day. This was taken 10.16.2017 and now he is 13 months old. I so love our time together. Learning new thing daily. He has a cool new cage coming that he can go riding with us in the car now and see out the windows. He needed a special cage that was 1/2" wire so those little fingers cannot get into mischief in the car while I am driving and cannot watch him. We have been using a dog crate but it is time for him to have something stronger and more visible for him to the outside of the car.

Jaxon is getting to be such a big boy. I so love him and cherish  him so incredibly.

Jaxon:  5.27.2019

My beautiful baby boy is almost three years old now. Unbelievably smart. He knows the difference between the mailman and Darryl's vehicles. He knows it is time to stop for the evening and watch TV. He is just like teaching a 2-year-old little boy. He learns fast though and stays with things until he figures them out. If he can't the first time he will come back to it until he can get it. A great kid for sure.

Jaxon: 5.15.19

When Jaxon is looking around he automatically shades his eyes from the sun or a light close by. At first I thought he had an eye or ear issue but this is normal for his species. He has some several new sounds lately that we are working on to identify. When he is happy and wants tpo play he bounces up and down, up and down. Most of all he is an easy little guy but now we are having to find new and wonderful ideas for entertainment. Owning a Monkey is truly like having a child and they demand your attention  24 hours a day.

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