Our Mom's & Dad's

On this page we will show you our Mom's and Dad's so you will know what your pup will look like at full growth. 

Olivia is one of our 4lb girls and is so darn sweet. She has such a kind heart that she will care for another Mum's pups when her services were needed. Such a gentle nurturer. 

Mary Bea is our doll baby girl that produces beautiful babies with baby doll faces. She is the sweetest little girl you could wish to meet. The most wonderful caring mother.  She doesn't mind being groomed except she does not like her head dried with the dryer so here she is air drying after her bath.

Steele is our very pretty 8lb Blue Merle boy. He is very, very sweet and loving.  His coloring is beautiful and he loves to play but at times he is very happy to lap sit.

Heidi is our beautiful Chocolate Merle girl. So sweet and attached, her pups are gorgeous and outgoing and happy like she is.

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