Bearded Silkies

We raise Bearded Silkies. We DO NOT ship chicks or mature birds. We do sell eggs  when available. Our birds came from an NPIP Farm and have been Merck vaccinated. Shipping of eggs cost $12.95 each carton. We do combine shipping.  Text to 731.249.4252 to further inquire about these guys.

Bearded buff Silkies

The Bearded Silkies come in varies colors. We have buff, black, white, blue splash and also the frizzles pattern. We have a variety of solid colors and blue splash.  These extremely friendly and fun to own chickens, they love it when you go into the pen and interact with them. They will sit and give you plenty of eggs and babies. They also have no qualms about hatching other chickens eggs. Often we will go in and 4 of them will all be sitting two eggs in the nest box all squished together.

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